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? Step Process.  


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Wallpaper Removal


7 Step Process.  


Color changes everything when done right.  Our service includes: painting the trim, cleaning the walls, prepping, sanding, patching, caulking, taping, priming, cutting, brushing, rolling, and of course, cleaning up. 

Start with the Ordinary and Make It your Dream

5 Step Process.  


More than just making your wood beautiful, staining makes wood waterproof, protects it from rot and blocks sunlight.  Our oil or water based staining process assesses the wood since hard wood and soft wood must be treated differently.  A wood treatment is applied to hard wood to open the grain.  Then, we  clean, sand, stain, and seal.  

8 Step Process.  


Imperfections in walls can become invisible.

Our process for repairing drywall is to: check for wires, scrape away loose debris, eliminate nail pop ups, gypsum square any needed areas, apply lightweight joint compound wherever needed, let dry. add a second coat where needed, let dry, sand and prepare the wall to paint.

7 Step Process.  


There are a lot of videos saying that it is easy (with their method) to remove wallpaper.  The fact is that every job is different. 

Our process is to: identify wall type: plaster, drywall, keep the floor and trim dry, tear off the facing, soak the backing to loosen the glue, scrape off the backing, remove the gel and stubborn backing, repair, sand and prime the walls. Only then is it ready to be painted.

Small Drywall Repair

Every Square inch  


The only way to achieve a level 5 drywall finish.

They say it is the golden unicorn, but Level 5 walls don’t have to be a myth.  Our process is to mud, pan, every square in – 2 to 3 times.  We prime.  We fix every section and area and use the smoothest roller on the wall to ensure every patch is as close to perfection as possible.  

Move Ins / Move Outs

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Skim Coating and Priming Old Paint

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